Duration of Film: 41 min
Genre of Film: Social
Synopsis of Film:

Documentary showcases a working positive example of how a village in India is helping itself to climb out of poverty and improve living standard. Eg, Effective utilization of government schemes: In this village, none of the government schemes fail because the villagers know how to effectively utilize government schemes for village development.

Underground Sewage & Water Harvesting: The village has underground sewage lines for years now. Villagers have connected these waste water pipe lines to an old well. Exemplary Self Development: Baghuvar boasts of the highest number of Gobar Gas running plants in the state for a village. Ghar Ghar Shauchalay: All the houses in this village have lavatories. There is also a common toilets complex which is made for the use if there is any social gathering in the village. Green Village, Clean Village: Each and every corner of the Baghuvar village has turned green as if the entire village is a garden!

There is no garbage and sanitation problem.
Education for All: Efforts of the villages have bore results in education also. The village now has a senior secondary school. Spiritual Connect: In Ramayan Mandal of the village, Ramayan is recited every Tuesday and Saturday. From last 50 years, a Prabhat Pheri is held regularly at 5 am in which all villagers participate with enthusiasm.

Name of Director: Pankaj Shukla
Name of Producer: Maya Vishwakarma
Language: Hindi Subtitles: English

Star Cast: Maya Vishwakarma, RS Narolia and Babu Patel

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