Carried by the Sea


Duration of Documentary: 60 mins

Genre of Documentary: Documentary/Philosophical

Synopsis of Documentary:

What does the sea do to a human being? The word dukkha in Buddhism is often used as suffering, but literally translated it means the “ongoing car axle”. It’s the feeling that our life squeaks and creaks while at the neighbors it seems be going smoothly.  CARRIED BY THE SEA follows a number of people who actively attack  dukkha.

Throughout the year they swim in the sea at Scheveningen. In winter they defy the cold, its shock has a healing effect on body and mind. The experiences of these cold-water swimmers are interspersed with scenes of guileless flaneurs on the promenade, surfers on breakers, fishermen, couples in love, a single meditator, or views from the Ferris wheel. Consciously or unconsciously all people seeks comfort at the sea in their own way. The infinity of the sea can also encourage reflection on the ultimate dukkha – fear of death. Merely daring to confront all is healing .

Name of Director:  George Schouten

Name of Producer: George Schouten

Language: Dutch

Subtitles: English

Star Cast: Angelique van Vliet, Arthur Hoenderdos, Bastiaan de Haan, Bonnie Bessem, Cariena Miske

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