Duration of Documentary Feature: 69 minutes
Genre of Documentary Feature: Human Interest Story
Synopsis of Documentary Feature:

Journey from the eyes of some young migrant Indians in NZ trying to connect amongst them by a combined purpose and journey of trying to win a Bollywood dance competition.
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Duration of Film: 41 min
Genre of Film: Social
Synopsis of Film:

Documentary showcases a working positive example of how a village in India is helping itself to climb out of poverty and improve living standard. Eg, Effective utilization of government schemes: In this village, none of the government schemes fail because the villagers know how to effectively utilize government schemes for village development.
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Carried by the Sea


Duration of Documentary: 60 mins

Genre of Documentary: Documentary/Philosophical

Synopsis of Documentary:

What does the sea do to a human being? The word dukkha in Buddhism is often used as suffering, but literally translated it means the “ongoing car axle”. It’s the feeling that our life squeaks and creaks while at the neighbors it seems be going smoothly.  CARRIED BY THE SEA follows a number of people who actively attack  dukkha.

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Vindaloo Empire

Duration of Film: 1 hr 50 mins

Genre of Film: Comedy,Romance

Synopsis of Film:

The story of a guy who gets some hope & curry in his life, through love. It’s the journey of ‘Sid’, who migrated from India to New Zealand, to have a life full of bikes & women, but reality hits when he comes to NZ.
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Duration of Film: 84 minutes
Genre of Film: Suspense
Synopsis of Film:

Sahil Singhania is a novelist with a successful career in the past. Due to marital issues with his wife, Anu Singhania, Sahil is struggling to write his new novel. To start afresh, the couple decide to move in to an old house. As they settle in, strange and mysterious events start happening. The distance between the two begins to grow even more as they can never cope with their failing marriage. To make things worse, Sahil gets tangled in the mysteries of the house. He has a face-off with Kaaya. Who is Kaaya? What does she want from him? Sahil and his family’s life is about to change forever.
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Doctor by Heart

Doctor By Heart
Duration of Film: 1 hr. 15 mins. (75 mins.)
Genre of Film: Drama, Biography, Inspirational
Synopsis of Film:

“Doctor By Heart” is a fictional adaptation of the life of Dr. Romesh Japra, a
well-known cardiologist in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is also the
Founder and Convener of Festival of Globe (FOG), which started as the
annual Festival of India ‘mela’ and Parade 25 years ago.

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Duration of Film: 1 hour 50 minutes

Genre of Film: Pre-Cognitive Mystery Thriller

Synopsis of Film: MOJO is the story of a 6 year old girl-child named MOJO. Mojo becomes part of a horrific incident (a brutal murder), which the movie protagonist MOHAN experiences through the journey of his SIXTH SENSE.

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