Duration of Film: 1 hour 50 minutes

Genre of Film: Pre-Cognitive Mystery Thriller

Synopsis of Film: MOJO is the story of a 6 year old girl-child named MOJO. Mojo becomes part of a horrific incident (a brutal murder), which the movie protagonist MOHAN experiences through the journey of his SIXTH SENSE.

Mohan though excited initially as he discovers his Six Sense and Premonitions, gets into an intense psychologically disturbed state soon after he is entrapped as part of the incidental murder.  His sixth sense, the incidental murder and Mojo?  all develop a strange relationship leaving Mohan baffled with fear and horror.  Seeking medical help, Mohan chances by his college mate MAYA, whom he never saw in last 12 years, but discovers a new found love which Maya always had for him right from the college days. Maya’s hypnotic prowess and therapeutic expertise in psychiatry reveals a shocking subplot that exposes the apparent naked truth, in that, all what Mohan has experienced and shared with  Maya is an unfathomable subconscious play of hallucination, a world of illusions which Mohan has built without his conscious awareness and believed ignorantly.


All dots get connected as the movie reaches an unforgettable, bewildering climax leaving audience in a state of subtle-dilemma but with a clear and logical storyline.


Name of Producer: GAJANAN BHAT

 Language: KANNADA

 Subtitles: ENGLISH

Starcast: Manu UB (Hero), Anoosha B (Heroine), Aanya Shetty (Child Actor)

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