Doctor by Heart

Doctor By Heart
Duration of Film: 1 hr. 15 mins. (75 mins.)
Genre of Film: Drama, Biography, Inspirational
Synopsis of Film:

“Doctor By Heart” is a fictional adaptation of the life of Dr. Romesh Japra, a
well-known cardiologist in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is also the
Founder and Convener of Festival of Globe (FOG), which started as the
annual Festival of India ‘mela’ and Parade 25 years ago.

The film takes us through different phases of the doctor’s life, from his
boyhood in Phagwara with his mother and sisters, to the present day where
he leads the biggest Festival of India Parade on the West Coast of the US as
well as the Festival of Globe (FOG), a multicultural celebration of cinema,
fashion and tradition.

Doctor By Heart

Name of Director: Dr. Ranu Sinha, PhD
Name of Producer: Dr. Romesh Japra (R J Productions)
Language: English with some Hindi/Punjabi
Subtitles: English
Star Cast: Dr. Romesh Japra, Sunny Dhillon, Kanchan Daftardar Fernandes, Michelle Elrick

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